d Jian Shen said but what Zhou Shan Qing Ke a cry, a look Su said I understand that in MCP,Microsoft Specialist it exam order to refine the super human artifact has several key one is refining the law of God, and the second is the source or the source of God, both these are not a problem for me. except that the rest of the produce Euro RSCG, which I still can not grasp. actually, I ever had a best artifact is now being transformed, it seems that there is a sign of a breakthrough super artifact, but this artifact as you know. Jian Shen heard the hearts of a move, suddenly remembered Zhou Shan has an artifact, hurriedly said master said that the war can be said to lack Zhou Shan nodded his head and said Yes, it Microsoft Certification is the lack of war, Ares with you and for the year s top ten experts sh. ould MCP,Microsoft Specialist be aware of this artifact Ares Life savings of hundreds of thousands of war contained and the spirit of the brand, you may know that the God of war on the occasion of the fall of the last ray of fighting spirit has turned into endless war, until I came to the spirit world with war missing after the return to the device, and the lack of war into one the reason I found your sword can be refined into a super artifact

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74-678 Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Large Organizations Microsoft MCP,Microsoft Specialist